Hello all.

Is it possible make stereoscopic scene for TriDef and/or for 240 Hertz technology?

I think this must support graphic drivers, can OpenGL use it? Can jME use it?

If it is not possible today, how about future design?

Thank you for reply.

If you have a driver elvel stereoskopy working driver it should be kinda independent. I once had for fun one for D3D with red/green glasses, worked kinda good on most games, that were certainly not build for it (Half-Life 2 for example)

So depending on your approch it may work without changing one simple line.

If you need a real 3d output there are several ways. Like render to a texture, then move camer to left by eye distance, render again to a quad.

Then render the visible scene with one texture on the right the other on the left.

As I said it all depends on what you need.