Stick to SimpleApplication or reimplement it?


I am doing extend from SimpleBulletApplication, but I am having a few problems…

I created a thread that after application ends (press ESC) it never ends.

I override stop() from application, to make all threads stop, but it doesnt recognize (I am still trying to understand why that…).

If an exception happens, I cant catch it to make all threads stop, I see applications starts a thread with app.start(); and after that I loose control over application.

Now it is clear I am a begginer to threads :), but I need them…

So, I am thinking on reimplementing the SimpleBulletApplication, or should I stick to it to be benefited of JME3 updates to it? And just keep trying to disable or override what I want to work differently?

Other thread tips are welcome also!

Still researching …

// create thread object

Thread t = new Thread(new Runnable() { public void run() { /do something/ }});

// make it deamon thread (application ends when all nondeamon threads ends)


// and AFTER that, start it.


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worked perfectly, much thx!!! xD

btw, I still created a new implementation of SimpleBulletApplication to remove the keybindings as I found no other way to do that. actionListener is private, if SimpleBulletApplication is updated I do a merge later :).