Stickified FAQ/Help Thread

A lot of people post some problems that they have with jME or anything in general.

My suggestion:

Making a stickified thread that is globally through all forums. It contains all 'problems' that have been resolved. It doesn't have to contain every last bit, but it should contain the link to the thread where it was resolved…

If jME forums did this it'd cut down on a lot of postings. And it'd be easier and more convenient for people to access what they are looking for. And if they still didn't find it then they could post it and once it is solved it could be added to the list…

Good idea? Bad idea?

Nah, it would spoil a good thousand friendly posts…  :stuck_out_tongue: Now seriously, this has been proposed, but never materialized… apparently the FAQ page in the wiki is the equivalent to that… and it is certainly sticky on the Troubleshooting forum… regardless, people still over look it!