Sticky Collisions

Hiya guys,
New here and this is my first question. I’ve been working with the Cubes plugin and having a lot of fun playing around with procedural generation and such.

I’m implementing the BetterCharacterControl with a chase camera. I’m having an annoying issue for which I can’t find a solution. While pressing forward and jumping, if the character bumps into a wall, he looses all vertical momentum (as though the wall was “sticky”). I can’t find a way to change this effect.

Any ideas?


Imagine you were jumping into the air and you continuously had a force applied to you, like a jetpack on your back. You’d stick to the wall as well.

I appreciate your quick response but it isn’t very helpful… imagine the wall was made of ice covered in oil.

Is there a way to adjust this effect?

Sure, with the friction setting. (Or by simply NOT applying force to the character while its pressed to the wall).

Friction settings did it for me! Thanks.