Stop for a fix amount of frames

Hi there
I would like to try out to stop the game for one or two frames on dead of an opponent to give it more meaning (ok that is the theory and I want to try if it really works and looks good).

I basically would like to skip 2-3 frames for all BaseAppState is there an easy way? Or only hacky ways?

have you tried using


i never tried using it, waited to add some bullet time.

Skipping frames as you describe is almost certainly not what you want.

a) 2-3 frames is no time at all… barely noticeable. 1/20th of a second. In a song that’s 120 BPM, it would be about a 1/64th note. Uncountable.

b) it would lock up everything… so it would just seem like a glitch. A tiny bit of lag because your game is broken.

No I didn’t even know that exist. But the problem would be, that it only stops one app not all, I guess.

There is only one app.

ah, damn :slight_smile: true.

It’s a theory I got from the art of screenshake and he is talking about 2-3 frames skip/stop barely noticeable. Just want to see if that would look good and not like a glitch :smiley: it’s just a prototype after all, so I try many things and drop it if it is not working.

EDIT: And yes I probably only should skip it on the view state.

It’s one thing to have particles/animation freeze but the game still responsive… it’s another thing entirely to lock up the app for a few frames.

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Yes true. I would skip them on the view state, but I do not see how as the rootNode update is hmmm somewhere else :slight_smile:

why not then just slow down the app? its in many games where slow down is on death

Yes, but as @pspeed pointed out, it should stay reactive and I watched now some side scrollers and only the animation/movement stops very very short time. Means I would probably skip frames for the explosion effect and maybe as well the physic. The physic part I could manage as there I do the world update. But for effects/graphic stuff in the root node I do not have control over the update. Or maybe do have but don’t now it. So I just wondered if I could control that without rolling out my own I-dont-know-what-app-state as that would be too expensive for just prototyping …

That’s where new animation system in JME 3.3 will shine, you can wrap your tween inside a Stretch tween and do a slow-motion effect or use a delay tween as well.

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