Strange behavior of Camera.lookAt(Vector3f)

What other vector do you need?  From the javadoc:

     * <code>lookAt</code> is a convienence method for auto-setting the frame
     * based on a world position the user desires the camera to look at. It
     * repoints the camera towards the given position using the difference
     * between the position and the current camera location as a direction
     * vector and the worldUpVector to compute up and left camera vectors.
     * @param pos
     *            where to look at in terms of world coordinates
     * @param worldUpVector
     *            a normalized vector indicating the up direction of the world.
     *            (typically {0, 1, 0} in jME.)

oh…nevermind. :o  I was thinking of 3 Vector3fs making up a Quaternion and thinking that you were one shy of it, but I guess for a lookAt you would only need two.