Strange Behavior with Background Sound

I’ve looked and looked and I cannot find what would be causing this…

I am attaching 2 sounds to a soundNode that I want to have looping in the background. It could be called background music, but in this case it is a deep rumbling and an alarm sound.

Anyway, using the TestSequencedSound code as a template, I have the following code…

public void createSound() {

      snode = new SoundNode();

      URL[] urls = new URL[1];
      urls[0] = EndersGame.class.getClassLoader().getResource(

      URL[] urls1 = new URL[1];
      urls1[0] = EndersGame.class.getClassLoader().getResource(
      backgroundMusic = new SphericalSound(urls);

      alarm = new SphericalSound(urls1);


This is called from my simpleInitGame method. I have also copied and pasted the code from the test class for simpleUpdate and simpleRender.

My problem is that the sounds that should be omni-present seem to be spatially oriented at the origin. If I move my camera away from the origin, the sounds get quieter and they are definately 3D.

I have made sure the the sound files I am using are single channel (I've tried both .wavs and .oggs), and I have looked over my code numerous times. Additionally, the TestSequencedSound and even some of my older programs that I've written behave as expected with the sound acting as background music.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Is it possible that some of the other geometry or renderStates in my class are somehow affecting the sounds? Thanks.

Hmm, just a guess, but perhaps bg music might work better as stereo?

That did the trick. Thanks.

I guess I was under the impression that any sound created without a specified location (mono or stereo) would be played as background music.

Thanks again.