Strange bug with Bullet in Voxel Game

This bug is in my game for more than two weeks, I do not really know what to do:

[I posted a video here for you to see better][1][1]:

I’ve tried to increase the accuracy, Stirring the ccd motion, but nothing works :disappointed:

Can you remake the exact same video with bullet debug enabled?


I increased the size of the Chunk to 32 wide, and bug increased, when I test it bug much more than before, when I decrease the size of the Chunk, the bug seems to have gone, what will that be?

You can use a ivdeorecorderappsate to take a video. It will avoid the bad quality you have when you film a screen, will be easier for you etc. And it’s very easy to use

I wasn’t really able to see the bug in the video (cause of the bad quality and because i am tired and i can’t have sound) but i know that the physic engine doesn’t work well for very big quads. So, if your voxel engine create such big quad (i don’t know how it works) this can lead to a problem.

Can’t say it’s that.


Exactly! Bullet does not work well in quads! But you can help me about it? (I really need help with this)

If you can’t make a video, post a screenshot of the scene with bullet debug enabled.

Okay, I’ll do it today.

Even better would be a test code where you reproduce your problem. The journey to this test which reproduce your problem can have the sideeffect that you will find the problem yourself.

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My engine was born Cubes framework, then I’ll see if Cubes have this bug in your physics tutorial, if not, will be easy found the bug in my engine.

Can you confirm that the bug is still there with charactercontrol (not bettercharactercontrol) ? I know it’s deprecated but honestly is has several advantage over the bettercharactercontrol. I also posted somewhere on the forum how a character control could be achieved, involving a push-area, a pull-area and several other things.
It’s not an easy topic at all, a human body doesn’t react like a physical rigid body at all. From this point of view, a car (or a tank, or a fly) is way easier to implement as people want to have “problems” like inertia etc to deal with. In the opposite, they expect from a character control an infinite friction when it’s standing on a non-flat ground (so no slippering) a zero friction when it’s walking against a wall, zero inertia when it arrive at the top of a hill (the opposite with a car : we want to have amazing flying car in a hollywood fashion) / stairs, be able to go dowstairs very fast without flying, no blocking for small “wall” (like a step of a stairs) but blocking for bigger ones.
If you add to this air control and physic momentum (so a player can be pushed by an explosion) you end with something … at least contradictory.
And this is because we have legs that compensate for a lot of things. For example, when you climb a slope and you arrive at the top of it, your legs have a different comportment and you smoothly change you speed from one parallel to the slop to one parallel to the horizontal ground. And because you do that smoothly you don’t jump when you arrive at the top of the hill (and you even don’t notice you did that).

A character control is basically a headache.
All of that to said: did you try charactercontrol (instead of bettercharactercontrol) ?

To be honest, that doesn’t look like a character control issue (and 100% not an error of Cubes, since that only generates the visible geometry and has nothing to do with bullet in that regard). I’m pretty sure, that the OP doesn’t update the collision mesh correctly when adding/removing blocks. But yeah, I would need to see the debug physic shapes or any physics related code in order to really help.

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I think I had some ideas to fix the bug based in destroflyer say, it does not work, post the code of the World and Chunk here.

[quote=“Dimalenus, post:15, topic:35338, full:true”]
I think I had some ideas to fix the bug based in destroflyer say, it does not work, post the code of the World and Chunk here.[/quote]

I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Are you saying, you are trying to fix it and if it doesn’t work, you’ll post the code?
Or do you want me to post some Cubes-related code - Because I explained in my previous post, why this bug has nothing to do with Cubes.

I use Google Translator, and I say “trying to fix it and if it doesn’t work, you’ll post the code”