Strange Model Problem

I just normally load a model, any model, and display it, textured or non textured. After I do, I display on a black screen, and a sphere a few inches away from the model. If I rotate the camera away from the model, ( So the model is not on the screen), everything goes black, 1000fps, and 0 vertices, but if I rotate it back on the model, everything shows again ( tHe sphere). I've done this with variouse models, and situations and I always get this problem. Whenever I rotate the camera off the model, everything goes blank. Its probably because I forgot to add/do something. Its just a simple program, to load the model, and to display it. I tried this with random 3ds and md3 models, and I get the same problem for each. I can display, texture, whatever with it, but when I get the camera off the model, everything goes blank. When I point the camera on it again, everything shows up.

attach a bounding volume to the sphere.

If you don't the sphere is relying on the model's BV to determine culling.

sphere.setModelBound(new BoundingSphere());

– Now it appears and dissapears erratically.

Ok fixed.

yeah, sphere.updateModelBound() :slight_smile: