Strange problem with Oracle JDK7 b147 (Release Candidate)

Thats ok, its a known issue. You can disable the code checks plugin until that is fixed. As long as its not half of the plugins that don’t work you should be fine.

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Just as a side note, one of the commiters from Lucene (Apache Project) does not recommend anyone to use Java 7 for anything important, since it has some known issues with the JIT Optimizations, which seems to break some loops. It is a known issue, but its scheduled to be fixed in a later update to the platform.

More info here:

Not sure about jMonkey’s position regarding Java 7, but for me, an “optimization” that can break loops seems a big enough reason to not support it until its fixed.

Hope this can clarify some of the problems related to Java 7, and alert new users about possible problems.