Strange result

In my application there are a terrain page in the static node and a box in the dynamic node.

How it's possbile that the box has the same texture of terrain page ???

Nowhere , in my app, is coded about the material nor the texure for the cube…I'm going to call an excorcist.

Another strange result is…the cube is not rendered, or is invisible, while is before the terrain. Seems like the cube is rendered behind the terrain; maybe something wrong for priority in render or in upate…

Both issues are not physics related.

  1. neither your rootNode nor your cube has a texture state defined, thus the last active texture state is used
  2. most probably a zbuffer issue - maybe you don't have a zbuffer state? (or an incorrect one)

both may be due to a forgotten updateRenderStates call on your scene after setting up states as well.