Strange Texture Errors


i need your help…

On several objects in my scene very strange texture errors occur.

As the screenshot below shows, the textures get some kind of overlay… either some solid color or some texture of a totaly different object within the scene. The overlay is random… so every time i start the app its a different one.

Another strange thing is, that the overlays get transparent as the camera moves closer towards, as you can see on the table.

I'm totaly confused where this is coming from or how to fix that

Does anyone of you guys have a clue?

I have seen that in my app too. Turned out i oversaw a .updateRenderState() somewhere in my application. One missed call can mess up RenderStates all over the scenegraph.

wow, that's a really quick reply :wink:

hm…ok so i have to double check them.

I would be happy if i really just missed a call somewhere, and it fixes this.