Stream Android Cam (AR Headset)

Hi all,

I am new to this engine and would like to try to use it to develop for a Realwear AR headset. What I am looking to do (which I have yet to find an open source engine that can) is to use the cam on the AR headset and be able to zoom it in and out locally as well as network stream the same to another device.

There is also a requirement for voice control of the headset, but it looks like this can be done by manipulating the android manifest.

So, in short, are there any tutorials/demos available that show how this could be done?

Many thanks,

I’m pretty sure there aren’t any tutorials per se, but there were some people who were trying to do similar things. Try searching around the forums a bit.

From what it looks like, you’ll need to use the normal android code to manipulate the camera and only find a way to transfer the image into jme. If the camera works like a standard android phone camera, I’m pretty sure someone’s found a way to do that already.

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