Strechable Objects

Hello JME Experts,

I am using the JME Physics Library and got stuck on the following problem:

Is there a way to create strechable objects that are handled by the Physics Engine?

I basically want to apply several forces to an object. If those are pointing in opposite directions I want the object to be stretched (or shrunk) respectively.

I have searched the Forum and read several guides and tutorials, but have not found a solution yet.

The main question is, if this functionality is implemented in JME Physics or if I have to find a way to implement it myself.

Your help is really appreciated,

Many thanks in advance,


Both jmephysics and jbullet-jme only support rigidbodys and no softbodys. So deforming the collisionshape while its in the physicsspace is not supported.

You will have to wait until I move jme3 physics to the native bullet version and implement softbodys… Next year or so :wink: