Street Rally 3D first prototype is out

you can download it from the link
or watch the preview from the link

Not bad, you need to work on synching your sound effects better though - there seems to be a bit of a lag. Also the engine noise shouldn’t cut out completely, it should just drop down in volume.

… Oh and I’d round the time display to 1 decimal place at most, anything under that is meaningless.

thanks for the advice ,i have two engine sounds though, one i play when the accelerate key is pressed ,which is the one playing ,the other ,which i forgot to put in this video but i managed to put in the prototype ,is the default engine sound which plays when speed>5 and plays throughout . i do still need to work on all of my car sounds thnugh.

oh ,i dont know how i forgot to round-off the time like i did to the speed. am looking to start the timer after a 3,2,1 count like in most games ,am still to figure out how to do that too,

Problems I notice:

-The car seems that if you make a sharp turn it would roll over, am I right?!

-The speed of the car compared to the floor seems that it going at a human running speed, yet your accelerometer is clocking 100+ km/h when it should be something like 10km/h.

-The car has the audi sign on top of it. If you don’t want to get sued or at least seem professional with the software you put out, I suggest you remove it.

Fix that and I’ll give another opinion later.


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@ Pixelapp , i knew this day would come ,i havent finished modelling my first car in blender so i just put unlicenced cars in this one .Il take yo advice immediatrly.
in as far as the speed is concerned ,i used getSpeedInKmPerHour() .maybe it is that we used to seeing cars travelling at 250 plus ,trust me ,when i remove the linear damping and let it move up to 300 plus ,u wont be asking that question
In as far as the slipping is concerned ,you are right. I POSTED a support question under physics asking how

I posted a support question asking how to avoid that caz ive used frictionslip values as high as 1000 and it didnt change much ,the rest of my details about the issue are under that topic

Your problem doesn’t have to do with fiction slip.

Please use the fancy car demo. It has the correct physics.

It’ll save you a lot of time.