STREET RALLY 3D now on IndieDB

After a lot of hard work ,the full version is out and will be ready for download in the next hour .Meanwhile the demo version is around.This demo consists of one racing track and four cars . Choose one of cars and challenge the baddest driver Rhymez four times to become the Street Racer King. This is the first Gamer Arts game and is the Demo Version .


The preview video is also on youtube

Awesome man! I’ll try it out soon! :slight_smile:

@iamcreasy ,thnaks for the feed back ,the full version is now live on IndieDB,Though still awaiting authorisation ,I guarantee you theres no bugs in this one

So the first time ever ,my software had a bug due to one line of code I forgot to remove thus preventing the race logic to be implemented in the second racing track ,at least this release just doesnt have a bug ,but is graphically improved ,the download link will be available later on in the day. Also I will a linux ppc installer this time.