Streetlights - Pointlight goes through material

Hey folks,

when designing some streetlights for our cities, we stumbled over the question how to implement pointlights, that do this:

In general: The window planes of the streetlights shall have their texture AND let though the pointlight. (damn, my english is so great today -.-)

Is there an easy way to do this, or do we have to code it on our own?



Actuall your problem will probably be the opposite, as the mesh will not be blocking lights, and using mutliple shadowrenders can lead to some ugly artifacts.

(Have you tested your idea without windows? does that work?)

The answer is… Cookies!

Search for:
Quote: “Point lights can have cookies - Cubemap texture with the alpha channel. This Cubemap gets projected out in all directions.”

Later Edit: And look what i found ->

PS: Some of the unity shaders are free, or maybe that’s all of them… dunno didn’t look too much into them :stuck_out_tongue: