Stroboscopic effect in Racing car game


I am writing a racing car game. The road edges are striped and the centre line is striped. In some conditions I am getting a “stroboscopic” like effect in which the stripes on the road appear to be standing still or even going backwards and therefore sensation of the speed of the car is lost, which is very disorienting for the driver.

Does anyone know of this problem and have a way to solve it ?


Try to make the lines longer.

Motion blur, in reality you wont have this due to the analoge way our eyes work, wich means they just blur stuff.

(A cheaper hack would be to have a blured version that you just use instead of normal version at higher speeds (blending between blurred and normal version))

Additionally more visual cues should help, like a textured road and trees etc. From your description it sounds like the only cue for the speed is the white lines like in old Atari 2600 games, I guess that isn’t supposed to be the case for the final game?