Seems to work fine in TestJmeDesktop as a quick test. Could be useful as a quick way to jazz up ui LandF

Confirmed - using this for a while, too :smiley:

(and darkfrog has made his roll-a-rama menu with it afaik)

Yup, other than a few annoying bugs in Substance it makes Swing much more "game-like" for a menu system.

My good buddy Irrisor was even able to take Synth and test it in JMEDesktop when it was first being developed.  He's done some pretty impressive stuff here. :slight_smile:


Wow, ever get the feeling that more people are watching what you're saying than you could possibly realize? :wink:

Kirill, you'll have an e-mail in your box before you read this. :slight_smile:


the colors are too saturated for my taste. but that's just my opinion.

There are a bunch of different color sets and if none of them work for you, you can always define your own. :-p


i bet you already defined a "dark froggish" theme :slight_smile:

No comment.

sfera said:

i bet you already defined a "dark froggish" theme :)

hehe, with slimy buttons and digested flies as borders etc


Make sure you change the UIManager before you start your game or do anything…that's the safest way to apply L&F changes.

That's due to LWJGLPropertiesDialog.createUI - it sets the system L&F. I have removed this locally, as in my opinion this belongs into the main method.

Should I commit that? - it would mean to add it to all main methods instead to have 'nice' resolution choosers…

Sounds good to me…  We can probably readd it to BaseSimpleGame's constructor which would replace a large percent of the current usage anyhow.

I agree…I've encountered this issue more than once myself.