Subtextures in HUD

i want to create a quickchoose bar. To show the items in the slots i want to use the same texture as in “the world”.
The textures for all my items are stored in one image( a little bit like sprites).

My question now is:
How can get a subtexture out of my “big” one to put it into a picture for the HUD?

Or is this already “Avanced HUD” and should i use nifty for it?

What you have is a TextureAtlas. You can would change the texCoords of the mesh of the picture (the custom mesh wiki will help here), so it will show different parts of the image (a “subimage”). Apparently this can be done in nifty as well, but i’ve not done it myself

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Yeah, you can do it in the image settings for a nifty image/backgroundImage.

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