Suggestion: Add ssl to the forum

I think that could be a good idea to add the ssl to the forum.
This could be useful for people that are used to connect from unsafe networks.

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We have free SSL if we want it, however it’s not without possible ramifications. Others interested are encouraged to make their request known in this thread so we may gauge interest.

If there’s a strong demand for it we will start seriously considering it.

I’d like to have SSL too.A new security layer is never useless.

I would also like SSL support, although the only thing we would be protecting (if anything) is private messages, since all the other stuff is public.

Not to mention peoples credentials during login :smile:

I wouldn’t mind seeing SSL added as well.

I too would like to see SSL implemented. :smile:

I’m greatly in favor of SSL as well.

  1. The Login itself
  2. In pm’s I sometimes send logins to parts of my sftp, so others can download stuff like my models as testcase for bugs.

Full disclosure, it is possible for us as admins to read user’s PMs. This is of course possible for any host with access to their own software’s database, but in the case of Discourse it is possible via the interface, albeit in a very contrived manner. The feature has been discussed at length.

I doubt any of us will ever use this feature though, and if we do it is logged for the other admins to see who looked at what when.

If you’re uncomfortable with this you are free to refrain from using PMs, but I like to think we’re rather trustworthy :wink:

I trust you guys, but not the connection in between (like my universitys wlan)

A new argument in favour of this is if we want to introduce Web App install banners:

Discourse supports this out of the box, but SSL is required to use Service Workers. This new standard will be introduced in about a month’s time, so we’ll probably have another look at SSL then.