[Suggestion/Contribution] LightWave Objects converted directly to J3O, possibly generate a J3M

Hello! I’m not sure this is the correct section, but hopefully it is.

I’d like to humbly submit my open-source project. I haven’t found anything similar to it in Java. It’s a LightWave object (*.LWO) importer! My hope is that this will help solve the artwork pipeline problem that I run into when I’m working with jME3, and that it could be integrated some how.

You can find the project on Google code.

This was not all written by me, as I’m absolutely swamped at my day-job…

Thanks for your time! If this is ridiculous, awesome, stupid, or w/e, feel free to tell me :slight_smile:


Cool, there already is a LWO model loader for jME3 (you can install it as a plugin via the SDK plugin manager), maybe you can adapt it to use your library:


Edit: Note that importers always have to use the AssetManager to access assets like images etc. the use of File etc. to access data is considered bad practice. This has some implications on how to locate images relative to the file and the asset manager root.