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Hello jME folks,

While we're in the process of making backups and getting ready to change hosts, erlend_sh has posted a thread about the need for a web engineer and possibility of a content management system:

To this end, I'd humbly throw the suggestion of Drupal ( ) out there.  It's an open source Content Management System (yay idealism)…

Some things that would cause me to suggest this are:

  • SMF Forum Integration(We currently use SMF Forum here)

  • Ability to migrate WordPress to Drupal

  • Ability to create WIKI's ( )

  • Ability to tie Drupal Login to Forum login as well as Wordpress login and Wiki's (at least with a Doku Wiki)

  • One search box searches the entire site(I feel like this is a major shortcoming of the site in it's current incarnation)

I haven't thought every detail through in my mind, it just popped into my head while thinking of something totally unrelated..


Plone is not php software, and as such it makes it a lot harder to integrate it with other php-based applications we’ve currently got in active use, especially this forum and the wiki.

I’d want to go with Joomla! because like Drupal it can do all those things listed below above by Skye, and thanks to JFusion it can do a lot of them a whole lot better. I tried that SMF integration mentioned in a project running a drupal-site some years back, and it was horrible. As far as integrations go, I’d argue that Drupal is way behind Joomla! (while it certainly precedes it in other areas). There’s also no sign of recent development, nor support for SMF 2.0.

If you check out the latest announcement at, you’ll find that there are some excellent features coming up, among them being SMF 2.0 support. Being involved in this project, I keep a clear idea of when new releases and major changes are to be expected.

If anyone’s worried about how Joomla’s admin menu can be a bit tedious to work with some times, this is the sort of thing (accessibility) that will be immensely improved after the GSoC projects commit back in.

As a sidenote, I’ve also been fondling with the idea of using Wordpress MU from now on, instead of the normal one. This would allow us to easily set up blogs for other projects and users upon request. A desirable feature perhaps? JFusion would be able to integrate this with everything else once the ‘universal plug-in’ in v1.2.0 is released.

back in the days when I did lesser work (web engineering  ;)) i used and liked quite much  :slight_smile:

I have worked with XOOPS for years and tried out most popular CMS-Systems, including Joomla, Drupal, Mambo… but the best system I have ever worked with is Plone:

It has drag&drop reordering of content, a WYSIWYG-Editor, versioning, cut/copy/paste operations on content, one-click-editing, many plugins, is written in Python :slight_smile:

Creating and editing content with Plone is incredible easy and intuitive like with no other system I have ever worked with.

Trac is also interessting for software development, because it combines Wiki+IssueTracker+SVN all in one. With Trac you can see in a ticket of the issue tracker the code-changes related to this ticket.

Cool!  I've never used Plone, but others may be warm to the idea of a less steep learning curve when compared to Drupal (myself included)

As far as Trac goes, I've used it and liked it…  Much nicer than maintaining a separate wiki or mailing list and cluttering your email or RSS with a bunch of unimportant changes

I’m all in for Joomla, especially because of jfusion, which I’m a project manager for and so I have a good network established there already as well.

Will elaborate on that later…

Hey Erlend, a post before yours is technically above you ^^

+1 on the MU wordpress, that'd be a cool feature… As far as Joomla, mark me down.  I tried installing a test of Plone yesterday and didn't have great success. :frowning:

sbook said:

I tried installing a test of Plone yesterday and didn't have great success. :(

Have you used the installer? I think the installer includes Plone, Zope and Python.

erlend_sh said:

Plone is not php software

Yes, that is right. Plone requires Zope as a Webserver.
JackNeil said:

Have you used the installer? I think the installer includes Plone, Zope and Python.

Yeah, I ran the installer which said that the installation was successful.  I then read a README somewhere in the depths of /usr/local/somefolder and followed the instructions on how to start it (it then told me that the daemon was started successfully), but every time I tried going to the localhost:8080 (I tried 8081 also) it just gave me the welcome to tomcat server page.. weird.

Somewhat off-topic, but I think it's great that Erlend initially put the CMS suggestion out there.. I think whatever we end up using will seriously enhance the accessibility of the site and jME as a whole :)

I strongly suggest we keep our hands off esoteric bull like Plone, Zope and (especially) Python. Use whatever webserver works for you with a simple PHP CMS like Joomla.

JackNeil said:

dhdd said:

esoteric bull

dhdd said:

What can I say, I just like my blocks to be unambiguous and clearly visible  . On the other hand we could discuss the possibility of creating a CMS using Whitespace  ;)

I've gotta agree with you on the code blocks, Python makes my head hurt in that way (though I find it handy for little app launchers and whatnot)

But please? Whitespace?  This was under it's "See Also" on Wikipedia: