Suggestion: Link to at the top of forum?

Would make sense if you could browse back and forth from Discourse to the JMonkeyEngine-site. Great work btw.

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Yes please, expecially the wiki pages!

Ok, ugly first take is in place ^^ Will fix CSS when I’m back in a couple of hours.

I made some style attempt tell me what you think

EDIT: btw the 2 last links leads to nothing


Since you are currently modifying the css, what do you think if the “buttons” on the left of the avatar (the bubble, glass and menu button) use also the “jme” yellow instead?

That’s one of the quirks of Discourse…I actually set JME’s yellow (same as the topic title when it’s written in the header), but discourse use a lighter version of this color.
I guess i could modify the color in the CSS directly though

Looks great. Although, if anything should be done differently, I’d have the links appear even when I’m down in a thread…So I wouldn’t have to scroll to the top to get the links to come out.

But it looks good!

I can see now that it only takes a click on the thread title to jump to the top, so it’s no big deal :smile:

I tried that, but it was conflicting with the header depending on the situation. (preventing click on the icons or hiding part of the thread titles etc…)
In the end I opted for the simple solution :stuck_out_tongue: