Suggestion on Game Designing

Hello folks! This is my first post here, I want some suggestions or help from experienced guys, our little team is interested in learning Jmonkey and developing 3D Games, one of the members is designer, so I want to know what tools should one learn for modelling and graphics in jMonkey, remember that we are starting from scratch, Thanks. :smile:

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Blender is the most used and documented on this forum and the wiki.

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PixelProspector has plenty of tutorials and tooling lists that should be useful to you.

Every designer can come a really long way with Blender and Photoshop. If you canโ€™t afford Photoshop, you might get what you need from Inkscape and Krita.

@mifth has a lot of experience creating game assets with free software, maybe heโ€™s got some additional pointers for you.

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That was very helpful, Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

I recently released a video aimed at beginners giving an overview on how to make a 3D game. I give recommendations on some programs, as well as tips and tricks, and how I made a few elements on my latest game.


For 2D stuff, GIMP 2 is also great. Itโ€™s free btw but imo a bit more complicated than photoshop.