[suggestion] Preset Objects

Hey Paul,

There is a idea I want to share with you:

What about some preset Objects you can build? Yes we have the miniblocks, but what about adding e.g. a nice firepace with some detailed metal bars preventing the woodpieces from falling out? So you could put the correct amount of resources in a kind of generator and the fireplace would get the textures from the resource blocks (cobbleblocks => fireplace has a cobble texture, rockblocks => rocktexture, woodblocks => fireplace burns down immidiatly killing the player :smiley: ). The models could be very rich in detail and be built ingame by the player.

Therefore you would need to import some models… but as there are some amazing modelingmonkeys hanging around here it would be no problem to make them.

What you think? Would add tons and tons of amazing stuff. You possibly could make an api or generator to put in the models and bring them ingame. So every server was able running its own set of preset stuff and would look completely different to the others. Some could have medieval styled presets, other could have some industrial stuff etc. pp… The serveradmins could force the players building fitting stuff that way and create a great atmosphere and roleplaygameplay (or whatever it is called :wink: ).

And if these presets could be animated … awesomeness with awesomesauce =]



Uh, that feature is available in single player, it will be ported to multiplayer soon I guess.

As normen points out, the single player already has built in presets. Networked will be no different.

…furthermore, when I complete the multiplayer version, if you are in object placement mode then the ‘c’ key will work like it does for block placement in that it will pick up a new blueprint from whatever object you are pointing at. In that way (at least in the test builds until there is a real game), you’ll be able to pick up blueprints for what other players have created.

And servers will be able to create their own default user blueprints.

Or are you talking about large scale objects like houses and boats and stuff? ie: regular block size things.

In that case, I’m still working that out. The NPCs will absolutely need this to build their own structures. I’m still working out how to expose it to the players.

huh? importable objects? don’t know them.

Well not the miniblock stuff where you can create your things in this kind of temple. I think of much more detailed, presetted objects you can ‘craft’ somewhere else. The miniblock-creations are great but importable objects would much richer in details, depending on the model you import.

The object creation temple is a temporary hack so that I didn’t have to write a GUI. The GUI version is one of the things that I’m working on now.

…but the current plan is for most in-game objects to be made this way. Clothes, armor, and weapons, etc. may have to work a little differently and there may be different scales but all objects in the game will be capable of being user created in the game.

ah very nice! Sorry didnt see your posts when I posted my post. …lots of posts here…

Large scale object would be cool but then you would only have an amount of buildings and thats it, so it is better to leave it to the player and his bricks to make his house :wink:

Well as you are already planning and implementing I’ll stay patient and tell you then what is missing :smiley:

… should definaltely play singleplayer, usually I’m only lurking around on your server

gone through the posts again and I’m not sure if we think of the same stuff.

I’d love to go to blender, make a fitting moldel for lets say a bed.

Then I export it and import it to mythruna, thelling mythruna that you will need to have 10 blocks of wood to build it. Then ingame I go inside my house to a custom model creator (or something like that), select the bed and spend the 10 woodblocks.

Now you have 1 bed for placing it.

The blueprints for houses and stuff would be nice to be ‘purchaseable’. So the NPCs get a certain amount of blueprints they can built. If a player likes that house she/he could go to the buildershop of that village and buy that blueprint (no idea if you plan any kind of currency or so). Then the player has to provide the resources for building and the builder NPCs will build up his house.

On a very very strict server the admins could decide that village houses are only allowed to be built that way.

That blueprint system can be used for other things like ships, towers, castles, whatever you want.

Take a look at the millenaire mod for minecraft, that has some cool features and could be some inspiration for you.

But in my opinion these are 2 different things, the blueprints with any building made of blocks already ingame and the custom models for detailed stuff, importable from bleder, 3dmax and so on.

Hopefully I don’t annoy you with spreading around my ideas, but mythruna has so amazing potential that its hard for me to keep my mouth shut :wink:

It is extremely unlikely that I will take models from blender or any other tool. But you will definitely be able to build beds in game using the mini-blocks.

First of all, importing blender models is really super hard to get right. Even JME doesn’t do this right yet. Second, doing proper physics and collision testing is nearly impossible… at a minimum it’s a thousand times harder than with a mini-block based model.

And last, the number of players who would actually be able to do this is extremely small yet my support burden would be huge. I want to give this power to regular players… which is why I steer towards in-game models.

Right now the object creation temple is too small to build a proper bed but this won’t be a limitation in the final object creation. In fact, beds and doors are my test use-cases. In the actual crafting workbench, you’ll be able to build things 2 meters long.

The nice thing about having objects built this way is that I know where they are made of. I know how heavy they are, where their centers of gravity are, and whether they are made of materials that burn, etc… all which may be important later.

Hm sounds reasonable. Sadly importing models right is some real pain in the a…

I did some modding für Fallout 3 and integrated new models, hard job to get it done right.

How do you plan to get the armors, clothes, weapons and stuff ingame you mentioned above? Is there a certain amount or will the player be able to develop his own stuff (for example by providing the parts the player can cobine the way he wants)?

I think here you will have to use some imported models or will the players and npcs look the minecraft way?

Still working that out. Armor and clothes will be constructed in game around a pattern. I’m not sure how flexible the patterns will be yet.

Was playing around with blender, generating a medieval style hammer


oh nice!

Thanks! Now lets see if Paul has any use for that.

It’s my first model I ever made, so it needs still some work, especially the textures.

Textures looks nice

However, how many triangles does it have?

880 faces… I tried to keep the numbers down but to get a nice smooth surface you need some faces. I think faces in bleder are 2 triangles but i’m not sure.