Suggestions for additional documentation

I am not at all sure where I should put suggestions such as this one so until further notice I will put them in here. Also - I am more than willing to update documentation pages myself as long as the person(s) in charge do not mind.

The documentation and tutorials section could use additional information on:

  • this.setDisplayFps()
  • this.setDisplayStatView()

    I found it harder than it had to be to actually find and work with these methods.

    Additionally, more information and details of how to use the following methods could be very useful:
  • getAdditionalRenderState()
  • setBlendMode()

    I found that even though it’s not hard to find these methods in the documentation/code completion, more detailed examples of usage would be nice.

    If it is a collective responsability to work on and update the documentation and tutorials section then let me know. I’ll write something up.

You are right to assume it’s a collective responsibility, just like most other tasks in an open source project. Especially now that our main doc writer is busy writing the first jME Book!.

Frankly, at this point documentation contributions are almost more valuable than code, seeing as in order to comfortably tag the first Beta we want to feel like every essential bit of code has been tried, tested and ultimately documented, be it by wiki or JavaDocs (that part is mainly up to the developers). So yeah, write to your heart’s content, and you’ll be sure to have the developers’ attention whenever you request a review of your wiki contributions. And yes, this is the right place for this topic.


A book! That’s wonderful!

Obviously this must be encouraged.

I will make some adjustments. Hopefully they will be correct.

Ok… So I ran into a small problem… I can not for the life of me figure out how to create new pages. And maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe public users are not supposed to be able to create new pages? Anywho… if someone sees this and have a relevant answer, please let me know!

Thank you!


It could be a permissions issue, but it’s supposed to be possible. I linked to the how-to in my previous post, although I guess it was quite subtle, he he. Let me know if this works:

“…just type in the name of the page you want to create…”

Wow… yeah ok. It was too easy for me to comprehend! :slight_smile: Thanks erlend!