Suggestions needed for free-form geometrical structure


I want to create a free-form geometrical structure using JME.  Given a random set of points, I want to create a 3D geometrical structure that surrounds these points.  The end result would look like some "minimalistic doughy blob" that surrounds these points but tries it's best to keep it's own volume as small as possible.  The "blob" would have rounded/smooted edges, as well.

I'm new to JME and am not sure how to accomplish this.  Would I use BezierMeshes?  Or would I use NURBs (I saw a jgeom package at ) ?



This was discussed briefly back in 2005. Here’s the thread: jgeom.

We have actually had quite a few requests for boolean operations with shapes etc, which are not yet implemented in jME. But jgeom has not been worked on for over a year… and many things still seem beta or unimplemented…

In any case, marksmithurbana, should you decide to try jgeom out, let us know how it turns out

Would a convex hull algorithm do?

You could also maybe use metaballs: