Suitability of current jme for long term project

Hi All,

I’m working on several separate commercial projects in creating immersive learning environments. Completion date would be middle 2012, and most likely we will be supporting the product until 2014-5, or until we roll out major changes in the core program. Otherwise, we will be supplying new learning modules every now and then.

I’d like to use jme in our project. I’d like your suggestion, if this would be a viable solution at this stage? Or should I wait until final release?




JME now is a pretty solid thing, used already in many projects, and would 100% say that you can start using it. Having JMP (JMonkey Platform) up-to-date is very simple and require no more than pushing 2-3 buttons, so you can fully concentrate on writing the code. Also, it has a lot of “pluggins” like Neo texture editor, that will speed things up.

Take a look at it’s engine features, SDK info and a lot of more info here.

See ya!


Also since the source code is in a open license, you are pretty safe, that it will not just vanish from one day to the next. And even if, you still have your own copy then, so you can continue.

Thanks for the recommendations guys!

@ikelaiah yes, there’s nothing in the way of starting a long term project based on jMonkeyEngine 3 right now. At this point in our beta stage, I’d honestly say we’re at a point where other software developers might have tagged the Final Release already. We have a development branch on which “nightly” changes are immediately merged in, and a stable branch that is only merged with more thoroughly tested and proven stable code. On top of that, the developers are back to adding features again (I frankly don’t know if they ever stopped, eherm).

Suffice to say, a Release Candidate or two is right around the corner, after which this baby is going gold!

Thank you for your feedback.

@K’ : I’ve just realised how simple it is to update plugins in JMP.

@empire: Ah you mentioned a good point in regards of open-source.

@erlend: Thanks for letting us know about the RC. Looking forward to it.

Conclusion: I will push jme in our projects then. I can use this for teaching Java and Computer Graphics too.