I have a sequence of medical images that takes slices and I'd like to produce a 3D visualisation of this sequence. The images are in DICOM format - a medical format for radiography - but I can convert them to other formats such as PNG.

Is jME suitable for this?

What do you mean by 3D visualisation?

There is a new feature in 2.0 (kind of un-disclosed) called the  ScalarFieldPolygonisator, which basically uses the Marching Cubes algorithm ( ).  However, it is pretty slow currently, I have an update ready for it but the surprise it was intended for isn't quite there so I am procrastinating releasing the patch.  You could probably create a 3D model out of the slices with that :), but you would have to implement something to take the images from 2D slices to a 3D data-set (which shouldn't be that hard, depending on the source images…).

If this is something you are interested in I will try to move up my progress on it…

Thanks basixs for the response.

To be honest, I am not sure if this will help, please excuse my illiteracy with the topic at hand. I have a sequence of images taken at intervals through the body across various planes and I'd like to somehow create a 3-dimensional image for visualising the sequences more intuitively. This should help with making a diagnosis of medical conditions from radiographic images. Does this help you answer my question? Again sorry for my ignorance.

This is basically what I am talking about:

Although, you want it to be 'animated' (I think); which I believe that would be very possible with jME.