Super basic import 3d model

I have run through the first 3 tutorials and got the scene with the Ninja, brick wall and teapot working.

Now I would like to make my own model in blender and display it within jmonkey.

I have looked around for a few hours, guides, tutorials, and things but can’t get it to work.

I would be super happy to just have the first grey cube from blender, export it and put it into my jmonkey project and see it, but I can’t even do this.

Can someone give me some pointers?

Thank you, but I’ve read that and it didn’t help me on. It’s too complicated.

Is there any simple step by step guide? The tutorials so far were really good. The blender basics videos are, too.

So you will have to work on your blender skills a few more hours until it does make sense to you I’m afraid. Whats unclear? (Don’t say “I don’t get it”, say something like “I can’t find the box to set the texture path”)

Exporting isn’t really needed. Just place the .blend file in the assets directory and convert it to .j3o using JMP.

You’re right, I should have described what I did.

I’m now trying to import the .blend file but can’t find a way to convert it as beniboy wrote.
I put it in my assets/models folder, but when I right click on it all I get is “show javadoc” or “open”, no option to convert/import.

Back to what I did before:

I don’t know what I did differently this time, but I got it working (with the ogre files)! Thanks for replying, you made me try again and describe what I was doing :slight_smile:

Do you use beta or smth? RC2 can convert as well as import .blend files.

I’m not using beta as far as I know. I downloaded what was on this website and it says RC2.

See screenshot below