Support for APNG?

Looping through images on frame update is pretty damn easy and straight forward, but wouldn't GIF's and APNG be a nice addition as well?

  • Mikkel

Well, I think it's not supported (yet).

But, it won't be too hard to implement it yourself, I think there are some APNG Java Libraries in the Opensource "cloud"  :mrgreen:

What really would be very very nice, is support for svg :smiley:

I would perefer, if we could config in the material file if something should use animations, that way we can create the models like before, and just tell it via the materials wich ones should be animated

like writing 10 material definitions in one file in there telling it how long each (and keep it compatible for every other function (normalmap, ect).

Sure we can build this without to much work ourself and just check if we need to apply the next material, but animated textures are in nearly every game present (neon signs, old style lava and water, primitive explosions, bullet tracer effects, fire, in game objects(tv,laptop,ect)), so I think this should be in the standart JME3 library