Support for lwjgl .92

Per mojo’s IM, I’ve checked these 6 classes in. The .so and .dll and lwjgl.jar files need to be comitted still though…

Cep, please post when you’ve checked that in, I have a few dev items I want to go forward with that require the update. :slight_smile:

Code for final review:

I have not yet looked over it, just had time to format and send to the server. I’ll look over it ASAP.

I was just wondering if this would affect the sound system in any way?

Code looks good to me, didn’t notice anything odd. Ran all tests, all ran fine (except window stuck in corner :stuck_out_tongue: ). I approve, once Renanse says ‘go’ I’ll check it in.

if you wait a couple of days, we’ll release a new version with support for Display.setLocation(x,y)…

I’d say Go anyways because popping in the small fix for the setPosition will not change all the other updates anyhow. shrug (iow, we’ll slip in the newer lwjgl when it’s ready.)

Edit: Hehe, of course, I just really need this for my side project so if we would rather wait and get it in one pass, that’s life. :slight_smile: I can certainly just use the above zip for development purposes in the meantime.

I’ll check it in momentarily.