Support for "modern" OpenGL features (>3.1)

It wouldn’t make one lick of difference how much time I can spend on the engine until enough donations roll in to pay my salary full time. The is definitely NOT going to happen.

I’m to like $19 a month on Patreon, though… wahoo. :slight_smile: Paul Speed | creating Free Open Source Video Game Tech | Patreon

OP has no idea how open source works. The core devs are here to provide some consistency in how patches are applied… and in the mean time we will work on the things that help us for our particular project. That’s the open source way… if some feature doesn’t exist, no one is working on it, and you need it then you make it… sometimes you do it even if someone else IS working on it.

It’s not that we don’t want to advance the engine but we work on the the things we personally need or have a particular interest in. Our spare time is limited.

It’s also a shame because way bigger companies have had issues and people still use them. I’m sure Sony’s registration picked right back up in no time. Even the U.S. Gov’t recently exposed way way way worse data (SSNs, mother’s maiden name, etc.) for people who have or are related to people who have security clearances.

I think in modern times, if you do not subscribe to an identity theft protection service then you are just waiting to get your identity stolen. It’s a shame but these days it’s exactly like having auto insurance, home owner’s insurance, etc…

General policy: use good passwords, guard your credit card numbers carefully, and keep a close eye on your credit. (through a service or otherwise) Mine even mails me once a month to tell me “no news is good news”.

re: the e-mail address thing…
I doubt the site could magically sign up your e-mail without some initiation by someone. a) where would they have gotten the address, and b) what possible good would that do.

There are quite a few identity theft protection services that monitor your credit for you. I’ve had one through one of my credit cards as an add on service for years but through various data breaches I almost always have some letter giving me a year free monitoring for this or that. I don’t remember if Sony gave a year of a service or not… but both other data breaches I’ve had happen did.

I had my identity stolen once but because of that service I knew about it right away and could head it off. The other folks whose identity was stolen as part of that ‘ring’ weren’t so lucky. I got to chat with them when I went to testify in court.

Note: anyone can send you an e-mail pretending to be any site. Never click a link in these e-mails. Actually, never click a link in any of those e-mails even the ‘legit’ ones. Go to the site separately. I think my bank is smart enough that they don’t even put links in the e-mails they send me.

The info I have there is easily determined through a web search.

I mean that all of the info that patreon has about me is also public information. It’s easy to find my name and address with some simple google searches.

Edit: and actually, patreon doesn’t even have my full address.

I look how to use in LWGL Uniform Buffer Objects,
and it seemed to me like а simple solution:

  uniform struct     //shader uniform block
   {   float t;
   }   block;


 ByteBuffer buf = ByteBuffer.allocateDirect(1);   

// create buffer object and copy the data
 int BO = glGenBuffers();		//  generate Buffer Object with index BO
 glBufferData(GL_UNIFORM_BUFFER,  buf.asFloatBuffer(), GL_DYNAMIC_DRAW);

// bind buffer object to the uniform block (connect the uniform block to the UBO)
 glBindBufferBase( GL_UNIFORM_BUFFER, bindingpoint, BO );       

// the connection between the UBO and the shader:
 glUniformBlockBinding(programID, BI, BP);		

programID - shader programm index.
BI - block index (0:GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_BLOCKS…, GL_MAX_VERTEX… ), // one uniform Block in shader.
BP - binding point (0:GL_MAX_UNIFORM_BUFFER_BINDINGS) // for bindings blocks in different shaders.

I cant run last function - it is necessary to take shader programm ID.
How make this?
Оr this currently unavailable because contain compiled code, like
class ARBShaderObjects?

I give nullPointer from - material.getActiveTechnique().getShader().getId().

Good tutorial about UBO:

Shader Storage Buffer Objects creates also simply:

As I seen ARBShaderObjects operates with programID: