[Support request] Access SubMesh

Hi! Everyone.

I have a one problem. I searched it but ı couldn’t find it.
My question is How can i access to Sub meshs into spatial.

Cast to node, query the children of the node.

You can use the scene explorer to see the structure inside your model, that shows what you need to cast to what.

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I have points in spatial. I want to access these point’s location for using add effect or guns positions.

Sorry, I don’t understand the question…

I have a mesh and i have part of this mesh. These names are subset or submesh. For example I have one airplane mesh. Airplane has glass and body. I want to get glass position.

They are one mesh and have only one name OR they are many meshes and have different names and zarch’s first answer is the right one. The cannot be both.

So which is it?

For example you draw gun. It has gun body, magazine, bullet and you save only 1 file. But you draw diffirent things. In blender you can see parts in right panel. These are subset or submesh so these are part of main mesh.

In JME, it’s either one mesh and you’ll have to find the points you are interested in. Or it’s multiple meshes and you’ll have to find the mesh you are interested in.

The javadocs for JME are available in the SDK and also online. There’s a link right up there ^^^.