Survey to a Scientific Article elaboration

Sup monkeys!

I’m finishing a MBA on Project Management and i’m writing a scientific article about Project Management on Indie Game Development Projects, so I would like to ask you guys to help me by answering the below survey to understand how indie studios/teams/development companies manage their game development projects.

Thanks for your time and collaboration!

I got 9 answer until now. I need at least 30 to have a valid survey for academic purpose. Common guys, it only take a minute :laughing:

Imho, asking only here is bound to get you questionable results due to a bias in the selection of the participants. I would ask on a more general game development website. You’d also get more answers.

Not sure what’s the point of an indie scope manager? Scope responsibility ok, but scope manager? The devs are being shafted here. This is YUUUUUUGE lol.

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I’m asking in many specialized forums about gaming development.

That’s why i’m studying it. I know very well how is hard to develop a indie game, so if the scope management may help somehow, it would be nice to all indie developers.

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Done :slight_smile: Less then 30s I think. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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