SVN Checkout Problem with lib/joal

Good morning,

i tried to set up my new laptop. Therefor i checked out via svn the newest version of jme3.

On my desktop pc i checked out the jme3 folder from branches and it worked fine till last update.

Now i always get a build path error.

Project ‘jme3’ is missing required library: ‘lib/joal/jME3-natives-joal.jar’

Project ‘jme3’ is missing required library: ‘lib/joal/joal.jar’

What am i doing wrong or is it a general svn failure?

I searched via google and in this forum but didnt found anything fitting.

Update the whole project, those files are not in the project anymore.

i already deleted everything. I downloaded all projects from our svn source again and i also renewed the jme project from source.

Could it be that our project on svn is still thinking it must have it?

Edit:Ok. I only deleted the source of joal and forgot to delete the libraries themself.