SVN Error

When I try to checkout jme3 alpha 4 this error pops up, I already tried downlaoding to a divfferent folder and similar. All other svn stuff I have however works fine. Does anybody know what could cause this?

Checkout operation for ‘’ failed.

svn: CRLF expected at end of chunk: 66/50

svn: REPORT request failed on ‘/svn/!svn/vcc/default’

You have to switch to the new location, see the sticky post here.

as you see in the above url I tried downloading from trunk/engine thats the new place isn’t it?

You mean its a fresh checkout? Sorry, I read too fast, I thought you are updating your existing project cause I got a similar error after the move… I can checkout the trunk/engine folder just fine, maybe you try downloading the whole trunk folder? Maybe your svn software still has something cached and gets confused… Idk whats the exact problem, maybe you try doing the first checkout via command line?