SVN Troubles

hi!!!, yes!! i'm registered yes!!, jesus perhaps 8 attempts LoL

well first at all, thanks for read this post, my question is very simple, where can i get the user/pass to SVN…

sry for the nab question but its i can't find it anywhere…




Hi brujo, welcome to the forum (sorry to hear you had some problems; increased traffic forced us to up our anti-spam measures).

If you’re just looking for the way to download the source, all you need is this:

And the wiki will also tell you how to set it up with your IDE.

If you’re looking for commit privileges, just read up on our “contributor’s handbook” and you’ll know what you need to do.

Hi erlend!!, ty so much for u reply, i'm following this instructions

Right-click in the SVN Repositories tab (if you don't see it, go Window→Show View

Yeah, the source is read-only unless you have commit rights.  The http:// google code repository addresses are all read-only by the way, so if you are committing, it needs to be changed to https://

All this to say that if you are using the http:// address, make sure you are not supplying google code credentials.  Likewise, unless you have commit rights, don't use the https:// address as you'll likely get authentication issues from not being on the list of developers.

let me see if I get it, I'm followed exactly step by step all the guide…

I got the repository location on Eclipse, but… can't access without user and pass…

i think i don't need the source code for now, just with the Api, or framework or whatever its ok.

sry 4 this newbies question…

anyway if this continues, i'll try another way, dunno tortoise perhaps… :?

head over to to get the nightly build of jME2 hot off the press… they usually build at midnight GMT -4 but I was up late tinkering with build scripts :slight_smile: