hey Levia,

I’m sorry for getting on your nerves again… but the correct address for your SVN-repository is supposed to be:

Is it not? Because I tried to download your updates from the SVN via Subclipse, but my program still didn’t work. Just to be sure I really downloaded the correct revision, I had a look at the HEAD-revision. It was number 36 and the last modification has been applied on the 14th of September, 2010. Is that correct? Is Subclipse maybe not working correctly? Do I use the wrong SVN-address?



Hey @Fellkneul

Hehe I’m afraid you got the wrong address. I keep that SVN for reference. I’ll look around the forum and change it hehe. SpiderMonkey is now part of jME3 and can be found in jME3 svn under

(Wow you’ve missed a lot! Haha to recap: there’s no sendUDP and sendTCP anymore. if you want to send something via UDP, use myMessage.setReliable(false). Also some other changes to listeners, but you’ll notice that soon enough :))

Good luck!

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Sorry!! I was really wondering why several of the tutorials propose methods that do not even exist… :). I read about this message.setReliable thing somewhere and I was really a bit perplexed when it did not work.

However, those bugs I reported to you, they really existed, didn’t they?

Thanks man,


Yes, the bugs you reported weren’t fixed in the latest version yet :slight_smile: So thanks for that!

Thank god. I thought for a moment that everything I’ve been complaining about was non-sense just because the files I used to work with were outdated.

I do not call it complaining, I call it ‘contributing to a community’ haha; as you can tell I appreciate all the bug reports that come in, and I try to resolve them with <3. lol

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