Swarms - a simulation of flocking behaviour

Hi there,

a year ago i used jME for my bachelor thesis: realtime simulation of flocking behaviour with particle systems

here you can find it:


Here is the app (one-jar executeable)


And here a rendered video


You can also download my bachelor thesis as pdf and the source code from http://swarms.neoberserker.de

i like jme!  :D

This looks nice… Did you do some original research on flocking/particles or was it just implementations of traditional techniques?

very cool! that video was an absolute pleasure to watch… something about flocks of birds I found very peaceful :smiley:

was this done in jME1 or jME2?

Its done with traditional technics.

Basicly Is used this Pseudo codes:


Shure, here and there i've done some research like comparing some algorithms to generate flocking behavior or develop own algorithms to get the whole thing up and working. But i don't reinvent something!

I used JME1 for this project.

Thanks for your comments :D