Swing and AWT en Jmonkeyengine?

Hi guys can I make a JButton or another swing class in JMonkey?

I have to do a gravity simulator and I don’t find a good tutorial JBullet, My program is about gravity, on a ball, the ball have to be JLabel (maybe) and have to work with wight, depending of the wight, the gravity would push to the floor…


Try under Graphical User Interfaces - but you should go through the other tutorials too…

But that is a JMokey Tutorials, I’m looking for JMokey in Swing Api, it that possible?

Hey hahaha sorry, it is on GUI, on advance user

Note that you have to use app.enqueue() when modifying objects in the scene from the AWT Event Queue like you have to use java.awt.EventQueue.invokeLater() from other threads when changing swing elements. This can get hairy quickly if you don’t have a proper threading model planned so you might want to use NiftyGUI as it is embedded in the render / update loop thread and is also cross-platform compatible (e.g. android etc.).