Swing/Jme and Keyboard shortcuts

Arent Swings key bindings via setMnemonic not supported yet? Will there be an automatiic forwarding betweens jme inputhandler and the swing stuff or do i have to route myself?



I believe that some of the input stuff has been left undone.  I believe Irrisor has plans to introduce an explicit InputHandler for Swing (correct me if I'm wrong here) that will handle all of those issues including tabbing and the like.


Mnemonics are not working yet, yes. I'm going to have a look at those, though it's not my first proirity atm. (So yes there should be automatic forwarding, if you mean the mnemonics with your second sentence, Azarai)

Same goes for focus cycling (tab), darkfrog. And yes that keys handling for JMEDesktop should become an input handler…


You mean to tell me that your first priority isn't to be at our beck and call and that you don't spend all your waking hours programming on jME?

I don't know about the others but I'm shocked and hurt. :-p


I meant the mnemonics. With your development speed, i guess its availalbe tomorrow  :smiley:

hehe, I naturally meant there are other jME things that grab my attention :wink:

well, it's working over here now, but as I am fiddling around with other stuff (easing swing and jme thread decoupling) and my local copy is still messed up it is not in cvs now. I will check it in along with the other stuff…

Ok, key bindings should be working now.