’Swipe’ – Nyphoon’s Upcoming Stealth Game


Swipe is an Action RPG currently being developed by Nyphoon Games (http://nyphoon.tk). This game aims to focus on things that distinguish the RPG genre - mainly fighting monsters and exploring (which includes quests).

Swipe will be released on three platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux. The game also aims at being fully playable on low-end computers. Different Optimization Techniques will be used to make sure everyone will be able to enjoy the game to the best extent while keeping in mind the graphical aspect of the game.


Complete Control: Immerse yourself in battles. Your mouse mouse movements control your character's hands. There will be no pre-built fighting animations. You're in the heart of the action!

Cinematic Movements: You're the hero. And Camera Movements make sure you feel like one. Be the hero!

Estimated Release Date: March 2013

Engine: jME3

Website: http://nyphoon.tk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NyphoonGames

We also have a questionnaire to see what people like in RPGs. You can find it here: http://kwiksurveys.com?u=nyphoonrpg

We value your input :)

You might hear some say that in such projects, the sky is the limit. But no, motivation is the limit. The more people show they like our game, the more effort will be put in. So please, if you want to support us, just visit our website for updates, or like our Facebook page.

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The website is back up. Thanks to all who answered the questionnaire (and to that someone who wished me luck).

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I don’t understand why you don’t plan to support Macs…

I forgot to add it. I probably will. I guess I can find someone to give it a test run when I finish, just in case.

Is there anything I should be wary of?

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Make sure all your shaders variables are right. Floats always use full float on Macs: 1.0, not 1 etc.

Except for that, there shouldn’t be any problem. Platform is managed by Java.

As far as testing, I’m sure Normen will test it out with great pleasure. :wink:

I won’t be using any custom-made shaders. The only one I’ll use is the Lighting material. I’ll just remember to put the Diffuse and other colors to floats. Thanks.

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@memonick said:
I won't be using any custom-made shaders. The only one I'll use is the Lighting material. I'll just remember to put the Diffuse and other colors to floats. Thanks.

It doesn't matter on the Java side... only in the shader. It will blow up on every platform if you do setInt when you mean setFloat.
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I had an interview, part of which was related to this game: http://www.invisioncommunity.co.uk/review/nyphoon-games-interview/

If anyone wants to help by creating dungeons/quests, don’t hesitate to contact me: nyphoongames@gmail.com

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Hey guys. I didn’t want to spam this thread, so here are a few updates:

  1. I’m going to create a video which will show the graphical aspect of the game. I’m using 3DS Max for modeling, Photoshop CS5 for texturing.

  2. I’m uploading all of the finished models (beauty renders) on:

    a) DeviantArt: http://nyphoon.deviantart.com/

    b) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NyphoonGames

    The reason why I’m working on graphics first is that I’m going to have another interview soon and I want to have something to showcase on my site.

    Now I know these are all beauty renders, so I added a model into the game, complete with textures, and tried to create a scene with this one model to see how it looks. Result:


    Thanks in advance for any critique.
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Nice! Think you might get some prototype footage in for the jME3 promo video?

I honestly don’t think I’m good enough, but I’ll let you judge after you watch it. However the video won’t be ready until late August.

At most I’ll try to finish one room and film that.

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Some updates:

A beauty render of one of the rooms:

Full Size Image: http://i49.tinypic.com/312hd3b.jpg


And a video I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I have submitted it to jME’s Prototype:


Let me know what you think :)

A follow on Twitter or a like on Facebook would be greatly appreciated!

An important article I pulled from my blog (http://nyphoon.tk/) which deals with the possibility that Swipe switches genres:

Before jumping to the main topic of today’s post, I think it’s only appropriate to talk about what has been done in the past few days. Work on Swipe has resumed and I’ve just started work on the main town. However, more on that tomorrow.

A few months back, you might remember that along with the announcement of Swipe, I also made public a survey. One of the questions was a text-box where users could post an extra comment. Unfortunately, the site on which the survey was hosted was hacked, and is now closed. However, one comment which made most impact on me said that what Indie RPGs usually lack is content. Obviously, an Indie RPG can never contain as much content as an AAA RPG, except if other things (graphics, gameplay) are neglected.

This led me into thinking that maybe Swipe would greatly benefit from a genre-change. The genre which I am currently most interested in is Stealth, with Adventure also a candidate. Choosing one of the two would mean the following:

Less content would need to be created. Equipment wouldn’t be very important and time could be spent on making better equipment.

No, or few, side-quests. This would mean that the main storyline would be richer in quality as I would have less things to focus on.

All areas which the player can visit will be modeled by hand. This would mean that the environments would be better than before.

Time saved on the quest maker, level editor and equipment creation would mean that more features could be created and/or enhanced.

I mentioned that I would save time on the level editor. This doesn’t mean that it won’t be created. Instead, a simplified version (which is now almost ready) would be created and our fellow level-designers would each design a level or two so that the game’s levels or places would still have a different, unique style.

If I go for stealth, there would also be some features I plan on implementing which would greatly increase the gameplay experience. One of the things I plan on implementing, for example, was suggested in the afore mentioned survey. This feature would include the usage of ropes and other objects so that the player could use the environment to his advantage. Apart from this, I would also give the game a parkour-style gameplay.

Of course, changing the genre wouldn’t have its repercussions. One of the features which may not make the game is the Complete Control feature, which would let users control their weapon through the mouse’s movements.

Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think!

Anything which trims the scale of an indie game down should be considered (although sometimes rejected). Getting something released is preferable to having the perfect project that you never finish.

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That’s true. I prefer to give players 10 well-developed features rather than give them a taste of 100 features.

A WIP Image. What do you think? I plan on making some of the scratches etc… less visible.

Feedback is appreciated.


A very nice start, it looks a little “flat” at the moment though. I think you need to make a normal map and/or add some more detail in the mesh (for example physically bump the location of the beams out as well as colouring them dark in the texture).

Great looking models come when the mesh, normal, colour, etc maps are all working together to provide the final effect.

For static models, it is quite easy to take advantage of lightmapping. There are many tutorials on that for Blender.

What’s lightmapping? I use 3DS Max. Will look them up later.

Meanwhile, I’m also thinking about using displacement maps so as not to increase the vertex count.