Switch Between Scenes

Hello everyone, I 'm kinda new at this , I’m working on a game with multiple levels,

I want to make an object (spatial) signal the end of a level and takes the user to the next one when the user collide with that object …how?

Please give me detailed explanation cz as I said before i’m very new at this.

Thank you in advance

I don’t really think that’s a GUI question…

You might want to take a look at the jME examples, there are plenty of samples in there involving collision detection. In the jMonkeyPlatform you can find them by doing this:

File > New > JME3 > JME3Tests

In special you will need an object for which you implement a CollisionListener which is called when the collision takes place and in this Listener you would then implement the level transition.

I guess since it will be invisible i would use a Ghost?

Thank your for your help guys.

I already created an object and added a listner after doing the tutorials…my question is how to make a transition from one scene (level) to another…I need the code as soon as possible…thanks again.

Just remove the current node level from rootnode and add the next node level.

Thanks for your help. That solved my problem