Switched nightly build destroyed previous build?


I’m converting my game to android using the steps in the other post.

Now my jme was from 2011-08-29, it was a good, steady and reliable build so I’v always used it.

Because it did not include an androidharness file I had to download a new build.

So I downloaded 2012-02-13. First of, I got the INCREDIBLE shock, WTF HAS HAPPEND?!

My game appeared rarly cartoonish.

So I switched back to my previous build (2011-08-29) just to get the shock: It didnt work anymore!

It complained about unsatisfiedLinkError, and I have not touched anything in the code.

All I did was switch monkey jar and the switch back.

I’v restarted eclipse but the error is still there.

So I guess I’m stranded on this new build version. So if you don’t know how to solve that weard error,

could you then maybe explain how my game looks like this:


I have no clue why it acts as if this was an cartoon game, I have no such filter on. I have no filters at all as a matter of fact…

Try deleting all of the extracted native libraries in your project’s working directory…

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Sounds like you updated to beta and then didn’t update to stable. Which meant you had all of the bugs that were in beta… one of which I think was that it put DLLs in funky places.

You will have to track down the lwjgl dlls, etc. and remove them whatever you do next. I do still highly recommend updating and then make sure you update to stable.

Some things were changed about how specular and shininess were handled. I think that is all that was wrong with your view.

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@sbook said:
Try deleting all of the extracted native libraries in your project's working directory..

This won't be good enough because one version of JME incorrectly stuck them under the user's home directory which sometimes overrides anything else.
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I have no native files in my project bin, src nor .settings (native files are those who do not end with .class right?)

Also deleting the dlls, should I delete all or just the lwjgl?

And lastly, what was the last stable, none beta, nightly build?


I removed the lwjgl and openal32 and the problem was fixed :smiley:

But one problem remains. AndroidHarness does not exsist.

It was not found in the latest nightly build nor was it found in the one from 2011-08-29, so where is it found?

@Addez said:
And lastly, what was the last stable, none beta, nightly build?

If you download the beta and install it... then let it update to the latest stable. You should be able to go to tools plugins and check. There have been a few stable releases since beta.

Nightlies are only for the most adventurous these days. :) Anything worth having gets pushed into a stable build pretty quickly since beta.

I don't know anything about AndroidHarness, though... but people have been messing with android for a while now. Gotta be there somewhere.

Eclipse does not have a tools plugin menu. All it has is window> check for updates. Which I did and it returned 0.

This is most tricky…

Are you suggesting I download it using svn? I usually get TONS of problems when attempting that…

Oh, I thought you were using the SDK.

I have no idea how to do it in another IDE.