Switching between build-in nifty-styles


this may sound a bit silly, but how do i switch between the styles listed here. All i want to do is use one of these (nifty-panel-bright to be precise) as the standard style of all panels (and all other stuff).

I figure it has something to do with this line in the xml-code:

[xml]<useStyles filename=“nifty-default-styles.xml” />[/xml]

But i don’t exactly know what to change it to, or if i have to do it another way.

Thanks for your time with this silly queston :slight_smile:

oO The example xml is right next to the images in the link you posted…

[xml]<panel style="nifty-panel-red-no-shadow" childLayout="center" width="30%" height="20%"></panel>[/xml]

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Okay, i think i formulated my post badly. I don’t want to write that line for every panel, i want that to be the standard case for every panel without the need to specify it every time.

No dice, you also do not want that, panels are also used for layout so you’ll end up defining the “no background” panel style more often that you need to define the style now for your actually visible panels.

ah okay, thanks.