Switching between FPS and RTS mode

HI guys/girls
Ive been building up my game using a chase cam view, Which is working great. Now i would like to allow my users to switch to using a first person perspective view. Now i know i can swap the cameras but i would also like to change the input handlers as this FPS mode has a different set of input handlers.
How should i approach this in JME3 should i be looking at AppStates? I had a look at the docs and it seemed like that wasn’t really what Appstates are about, Is there something else?

Are you switching between FPS and RTS mode before the game starts or during? If before I would use AppStates.

id have your fps cam and your rts cam’s each as their own app state. then in a third app state for handling input that will manage enabling/disabling whatever cam app state. and then processing the player input to send it on to whateer (based on which cam is enabled)

do ill be switching during the game … I’m thinking like the tab key in blender to switch between object mode and edit mode. switch between FPS mode where the mouse pointer is disabled and mouse movements cause the player to look in different directions and the RTS mode where there is a mouse pointer and you can use it to select and manipulate other characters