Switching DLOD with many textures


I use DLOD with 2 children.

Both of them (Many terrainpages, ~100) have textures on them (so we have ~100 textures/lodchild).

If I start the game and switch between the dlods, I have a small delay (freeze).

After loading, everything works fine; if I switch now between dlods, there is no delay.

I assume it has something to do with the many textures loading at once!

Some hints on that?


My guess here would be the opengl driver, only keeping used textures on the vram,

-> on first load many textures are transfered wich needs time,

-> after that no more transfers needed, as long as the vram has enough space to store them.

(You may be able to test that by ceating a bunch of large textures that you just render one frame, to force the deloading of the other ones (aka if you have a videocard with 256mb raml force it to render 512mb textures,

Of course not all textures are needed manually, you could just create copys of one (don't forget by default the assetmanager will not load it mutiple times))

A quick solution would be to render a loadingscreen on the top, while underneath you diplay each level for one frame