SwitchNode and picking

I use a DiscreteLodNode for LOD on buildings and experience problems with picking and collision detection.

The problem is in SwitchNode which draws the current Node but unfortunately it does not do anything with collision.

I think it should either set inactive Nodes to non-collidable itself and reset the saved value for active ones or offer a listener interface so that the application can react on a switch and do whatever is necessary to the nodes.

What do you think?

It looks like I am the first one who experienced this problem.

What is the preferred way for the devs: A property like setCollisionSwitching(true) or a listener?

call is now passed to activechild, in cvs.

Ah, yes. I know what the problem is and why picking works but collision doesn't. While the find collision passes the call onto the active child, it's still checking the entire scene for the collision (all children attached to the switch node). So, that will have to be checked for efficiently.